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Whapping \Whap"ping\, Whopping \Whop"ping\, a. Very large; monstrous; astonishing; as, a whapping story. [Colloq.] [1913 Webster]

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1 hit hard; "The teacher whacked the boy" [syn: whack, wham, wallop]
2 hit hard [syn: sock, bop, whap, bonk, bash] [also: whopping, whopped]
whopping adj : (used informally) very large; "a thumping loss" [syn: humongous, banging, thumping, walloping] adv : extremely; "they all were whopping drunk"
whopping See whop

Moby Thesaurus

awful, awfully, banging, big, bumping, clobbering, colossal, crushing defeat, damned, decisive defeat, enormous, exceedingly, gargantuan, gigantic, highly, hugely, immense, mighty, much, no contest, overwhelming defeat, pasting, prodigious, shellacking, slapping, smashing defeat, smearing, spanking, thumping, thundering, total defeat, utter defeat, walloping, whacking, whaling, whitewash, whitewashing




  1. exceptionally large or great
    It weighed a whopping 700 pounds, when it was full.


exceptionally large or great
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